Where do you put the oil of the pan?

Do you know where to throw the oil out after a homemade frying?

Although we don’t make a lot of fries, when we do it, we usually throw the used oil down the kitchen sink or some exhaust, right?

This is one of the biggest mistakes we can make.

Why do we do this?

Simply because there is no one to explain to us how to do it correctly. The best we can do is WAIT FOR IT TO COOL and put the used oil in plastic bottles, or glass jars, close them and put them in the trash.

ONE LITER OF OIL makes ABOUT ONE MILLION LITERS OF WATER non-potable, enough for a person to drink water for 14 years. And if you’re so willing to hand it over to an even better recycling point, it will become biodiesel or fuel.