What is an introductory course on Astrology and why approaching a Personal Study

Astrology is a discipline used since ancient times. Many individuals feel the need to be guided, while others rely on life without asking too many questions. The search for oneself occurs primarily out of personal insecurity; only in the course of human evolution the impact with Astrology and the various humanistic disciplines are transformed and become an important support for useful decisions or to transform one’s social and personal position, so much so that businessmen all over the world they rely on astrologers to sign employment contracts, hiring specialized personnel in their companies and to maintain an action within a limited range of economic or professional risk. For some, approaching an astrologer as an enlightened one may seem out of the ordinary. Many do not know that since ancient times people were preparing enlightened figures to receive support and personal support in difficult times. Today, given the evolution achieved, astrology like many other humanistic disciplines has become a very present instrument of fundamental help for humanity. We are in the time in which we must all together understand which way to go, avoiding as much as possible the “risks” or “delays”; those hitches that make each of us lose precious time. In reality, “time” is a biological clock that continues its course without ever stopping, just as it does in our “solar system”. A biological clock, our “solar system”, which incessantly tells us through its movements, which way to go and how to reach the way. The architects of this wonderful biological clock are the “Planets”.

We humans take an imprint of it at the moment of birth through the cutting of the umbilical cord, the exact moment in which the child becomes independent from its mother. There is little knowledge of this matter, even if an awakening exists and is tangible. It is essential to know that the Astral influence does not have the timing of man; we are guided by a biological clock that has the characteristic of influencing through times that are not dictated by human nature; the Astral influence cannot be compared to the human world, although they all belong to a system linked to the macrocosm and microcosm: the Astral influence has a time of reflection on man. The indication takes strength by preparing a personal land, almost like a farmer does before his sowing. The predisposition received is almost an occult work to guide the individual to personal evolution; everything happens in an invisible and subtle way. A support that has no equal, especially if you have the opportunity to be aware of their influence in advance, a guide that leads to overcoming difficult situations or strengthening where concrete help is needed.

I have always approached the world of astrology defining it as a wonderful tool that allows you to help people, without thinking about solving their problems, because the astrologer does not solve personal problems; he can only help to face, in a positive way, a difficult moment, advising the individual on the right path to take and indicating the most propitious time to act. The principle on which I spread my knowledge in this matter, which I firmly believe in, is that of not having the presumption of changing personal evolution because destiny must be lived in all its forms, both positive and negative.

This is why an introductory astrology course can help you to live your life more concretely. One cannot approach this subject to teach it to others unless one first becomes aware of one’s own Astral imprint. In this course the first knowledge of the planets and the zodiac will be highlighted, it will be known which are the important pillars of each one, linked to growth and life, through the fundamental astral axes that accompany each one to the true reason of a personal journey. Astrology, the literary one, the one made up of tales from a geometric and astronomical angle, tells about lives and experiences, but will never be able to represent us, if it is not understood through oneself.

The astral imprint is something deeper than the human unconscious, while highlighting in depth personal facets, the influence received must absolutely take into consideration many factors, first of all the place of birth, the social context, parenting, the soul and free will. All these indications become one with the cosmos. Only by taking into account these characteristics of belonging can we have a global vision of a Personal Sky Chart.

In this meeting I teach a way to educate the person to develop new potential,discover the deep inner resources that constitute the basic elements for a happy life and, above all, to avoid wasting precious time related to personal growth. Really knowing oneself means learning to get out of the usual limitations that waste precious time in the search for objectives, which make perceptual inputs passive and distort according to our comfort that we have built over time as a result of our life experiences. The Astral Chart is a tool capable of overturning everything that seems fundamental and indispensable, tangible to live one’s life in one way rather than another. Improving your daily life is the fundamental element for psychophysical, material and spiritual well-being.

The Introductory Course of Astrology is a beautiful journey within oneself and in the celestial vault “macrocosm and microcosm”.

Vincenzo Laganà