The World is my home, I arrived by walking through the countryside.

I like to walk along rural paths lined with wild plants. I place my foot on the ground with mindfulness, knowing I am walking on the magnificent Earth. In these moments, being becomes a miraculous and mysterious reality. It is common for people to believe walking on water or air is a miracle, but I believe the true miracle is not to walk on water or air, but to walk on Earth. Every day we are offered a miracle we do not recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, a child’s curious gaze. Everything is a miracle. When we walk, we don’t walk alone. Our parents and ancestors walk with us; they exist in every cell of our body.

This way, each step that brings us healing and happiness, also brings healing and happiness to our parents and ancestors. Every mindful step has the power to transform us, but also all our ancestors through us, including our animal, plant and mineral ancestors. We do not walk only for ourselves. When we walk, we walk for our family and for the whole world.

Tchich Nhat Hanh
Buddhist Monk, Pacifist, Vietnamese Writer and Poet