The reading of the fingerprints

Reading the fingerprints is described with the concepts of Chirology, Chirosophy, Palmistry and Chirognomia

The philosophy underlying the psychological analysis of fingerprints intends to investigate the essential meaning of a person’s life, as well as the concept of individual responsibility.

The aim is to learn how to forge one’s own destiny, without being influenced by a divinatory and fatalistic vision of existence as well as by the belief in a punishing and deterministic God.

We also try to avoid dependence on a materialist and reductionist vision of the world. For all these reasons, the psychological analysis of fingerprints does not generate the usual fears and preconceptions, since the creation of one’s own happiness depends on us. We can help you with our actions so that we get the best results in our current situation.

A psychological analysis of fingerprints thus represents a formidable tool for better understanding oneself and others, with reference to the tasks of our life and our thought structures.

The information contained in fingerprints is a great way to access our innate character profiles. We cannot blame anyone for our unfulfilled dreams and projects, as fingerprints are independent of our DNA and do not change during the course of time.

Knowledge of information allows us not only to promote and develop our potential of our talents, but also to better address our challenges and shortcomings. Developing our talents and potential makes our life more peaceful and rewarding.

Scientific evidence

The fingerprints are:

Unique: Each person has different

Honest: they cannot lie or be manipulated

Indelible: they remain unchanged for life

Efficient: in just 10 minutes, basic information is available

Precocious: are defined before birth in the fourth month of pregnancy

Independent :are independent of hereditary / culture / sex / age factors

Completes: They inform you about the positives aspects  as well as the critical ones

Circle of interested parties

Relationships between children and parents

Better appreciate the behavior of children


We all want the best for our children, but how can we know what is actually best for them?

We often project our unfulfilled dream wishes onto them, hoping that they will accomplish what we would have liked in the past or what has been accomplished by us or other relatives. It is scientifically proven that fingerprints are formed already in the 16th week of pregnancy and then do not change anymore. They are independent of hereditary factors and this favors us a healthy emotional distance, allowing us to appreciate the potential talents of our children. For this reason, children are called to learn to take responsibility for their life’s decisions and path

Relationships with relatives and friends

Transforming the attitude towards them

We often blame our partners, relatives and or friends for not achieving our goals or for our unhappiness. We try to change their behavior, forgetting that character traits, potentials and challenges are innate and impossible to change in their essence.

The knowledge provided by fingerprints allow us to understand and accept their innate personality, their potential for their talent, as well as to help them better manage shortcomings and defects.

Professional relationships

Improve efficiency in professional relationships

We often reproach our bosses, our clients, politicians, economic and financial situations for not getting us a job that meets our expectations, in that plan our colleagues for not being accepted by them or for not getting the promotion we want. Through the knowledge of fingerprints we can become aware of the innate qualities, potentials and challenges of the individuals present in the workplace, thus tending to create a healthier working environment and climate.



Manage the people entrusted to us with greater satisfaction

The information contained in the fingerprints is an excellent tool to access the profiles of all the people entrusted to us, for example pupils, students, patients, inmates, prisoners, etc. and if they help us understand to accept their basic character and therefore to better understand its behavior. We can discover their potentials and help them to manage their defects in an optimal way. The knowledge of fingerprints therefore helps to effectively manage the specific institution and to make your coexistence more human and pleasant.