The numbers of the Destiny

The Evolution is the law of life. Number is the law of the universe. Unity is the law of God. Pythagoras

 Although at different speeds, we are all traveling along the Way. Some of us have stopped to rest, but too many have been doing it for a long time now. Others are making detours by taking paths that lead away from the Way; paths that appear to offer many incentives, but which then end up confirming that there is only one main Way. And this is precisely what we need to go through in order to continue to evolve successfully.

Living without at least achieving our main goals and how to enter a golf tournament with one club. This frustration comes from lack of guidance or self-awareness. Yet many are pushed towards paths in which they do not fully exploit their talent and do not get complete satisfaction, while others end up carrying out jobs or activities far from those most congenial to them, such as work with construction for a dancer.

If at high school students were taught to know their Number of the Destiny, the search for the right job emerges potential for growth, excitement and joy that inspires life in them as they cross the boundary of their main Way, their Number of the Destiny.

Before a tree can bear fruit, it must become strong and mature. The same is true for the life of human beings. Our strength and maturity emerge as we fulfill the main purpose of our existence, as it is simply revealed to us by ourNumber of the Destiny.