If mental transmission operates between individuals, either

say that everyone has a huge responsibility

the expansion of good and bad.

That means every thought of ours is either a help or a harm

To the other.

If you shout, your voice is barely heard in a

fifty meters, but when you think, your thoughts

go around the world, so far and so fast

as much as the radio.

The thoughts of each day bring blessings or

curse on the great river of world opinion.

Each individual, throughout his life, pours out millions of

benevolent or malevolent thoughts in the perpetual chain

of human history, leaving its mark

in unlimited time.

This is literally and terribly true if thoughts

jump from one mind to another.

The most pressing need of our time concerns the

global mentality of people who think the thinking of the

world, who do the works of the world and pray

the prayer of the world.