There is no heat in our time

The mineral fertilizer used in conventional agriculture stimulates sclerosing processes and removes heat from our body. Food based on these processes, produced industrially and stored in refrigerators and freezers, has a harmful effect on human heat management. The lack of light and forces of heat seriously damages not only the physical constitution of the human being, but also his spiritual and soul faculty is deficient.

Today, a broader and more open understanding is needed in this context than usual. All of us, consumers in general, can and must, in our daily purchases, develop a responsibility oriented towards the quality of food and apply conscious choices.

Despite not being valued, as it should be, in the preparation of food, olive oil plays a fundamental role in the management of human heat. Often, and wrongly, the consumption of fats, butter and olive oil is associated with diseases and overweight. Its consumption in the right measure and in quality is not only beneficial for health at a physical level, but also a generator of heat at the level of feelings and thoughts.

The olive tree

Olive oil is a particularly precious food. In ancient times, men believed that oil was sacred. It was used in sacrifices, in lamps, in healing and in religious rituals. It was a source of light in the dark winter!

In Olival, with the light and brightness that comes through the trees, there is a kind of party atmosphere. Van Gogh paints this dynamism of light and shine, silver and gold, in his work “Olival” in June 1889.

All seed plants contain oil in their germ, and few produce oil in their fruit as well. The olive tree is one of them.

The fruit, when ripening slowly, internalizes the heat and retains it. Does this process not remind us of the constitution of our heart? For, in the olive, as in the heart of the human being, there is a warmth that becomes substance. We are talking about a warmth that helps us to grow and mature and that we must maintain!