Conjunction Jupiter Neptune from 12 April 2022.

This Planetary Aspect will last for approximately one month, until May 12, 2022. This Astral influence brings to light a greater sensitivity to the situations that affect us most closely. The Signs that will benefit the most are those born with the Sun in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, optimizing life with absolute novelties. Signs like Taurus and Capricorn can also give their life a positive spin. Aries and Aquarius try to make the choices made more concrete, leaving more space for sensitivity and understanding of others. Leo and Libra, on the other hand, will learn to manage emotions by curbing the narcissistic nature that has always distinguished them. A little less positive is for the Signs with the Sun in Virgo which unfortunately tend to suffer a sort of confusion, discontinuity in situations and, in some circumstances, the amplification of an already existing problem.

Since Jupiter-Neptune is a significant aspect, we can give quite positive indications for the near future. The sign of Pisces is recognized for its sensitive nature, not very whimsical and full of artistic qualities, many of which are not always highlighted. Jupiter recalls the expansion of energy, Neptune, on the other hand, the hidden energies, even the most sensitive and extrasensory.

Together they bring to light the ability to expand the characteristics of belonging of each one of which, among all, linked to excessive sensitivity and vision of life in general.

The reality is that, with the effects of this transit, it will be possible to insert new energies and new contexts in everything that is most at heart; the whole Zodiac will have the ability to enhance their energy and practical resources. For each, a call to one’s inner strength, to artistic ability, pushing towards a new one of planning, personal or working; positivity can really come to any favorite or favorite field.

We are in a difficult time to such an extent that we no longer have future certainties; in this regard, the Astral indication identifies the beginning of a period where awakening will not be lacking, the ability to see life, whatever it may be, with different eyes. It will not be enough to wait for a sign from Heaven, for each one will be given an opportunity, that of coloring their days through inventiveness and sensitivity.

An Astral aspect that has been missing for about 166 years, this is where the importance of this special month comes from, where the universe can make a difference miles away by teaching everyone the ability to perceive, listen, invent, savor subtle energies, those that do not need rationality.

Good Life, Astrology and Life.